Who Are You?

Jeter and Gardner share this in common.


Brian Cashman told SI in 2010 that he and Derek Jeter, then age 36, sat down for a face-to-face meeting during a dispute over the terms of the shortstop’s next contract.

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The Yankees announced shortly after Derek Jeter resigned from the Marlins that they would be honoring him at Yankee Stadium for his Hall of Fame induction. Do not read into the fact that this is purely a gesture of good will on the part of Brian Cashman. Not that he is opposed to it but I am sure this comes directly from the Steinbrenner Family. If we have learned anything about Cashman is that he likes to be right. He has gone the distance with Aaron Boone after bouncing field general Joe Girardi out and is hell-bent on making analytics work to almost a determent. Believing that stealing, bunting and the hit & run is an overacted obsolete part of the game. “Launch Angle” is the answer to the super shift which thankfully will be phased out in 2023.


Just his past week Brian got a little ornery with a reporter regarding the Yankees “drought” from appearing no less winning the World Series. He pulled out the “2017” argument that they were robbed by the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Therefore, I doubt he wants to show the love behind the scenes with Jeter by holding onto his right as a General Manager not wanting to through boat loads of money at him during his last contract as a player. Regardless of being a Hall of Famer. Remember, he negotiated with premiere closer Mariano Rivera during his last contract even thought he eventually paid him as the highest salaried closer at the time. There was a real threat of Rivera leaving to go to either the Mets or the Dodgers where another Cashman cast-off, Joe Torre, went once Cashman felt it was time for a “new voice”. This happened to be Joe Girardi who Cashman did the same thing to 10 years later. Rivera did leave on his own terms sparing Cashman a need to push him out the career-ending-window. Just the fact that the public knew they were “negotiating” and that other suitors came into play was unnecessary when it comes to Yankee Superstars. Brian loves when there are no other teams involved and he can let the legends know that their current skills are diminished despite their one way ticket to the Hall. As stated before, financially he is not wrong but really? They’re Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera! Come on.


Cashman will appear to make nice with Jeter and will say all the right things to the press on his HOF day. However, he will always think he was right for negotiating that final time regarding the Yankees legend. If pushed, Brian will crack and tell you again that he was right.



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