Tortured Talent

Jessica Savitch
“All the Presidents Men”, Woodward and Bernstein

Book Smart

“I think I can give as much as I can give and get from my career, I do not think it precludes myself from a personal life. I think you must work just as hard at both and then maybe it works out.”

“it is a job, it is a career it is tough and it doesn’t mean that your personal life is happy just because you do well on the air”.

“ that no one would watch a woman report the news because their voices were not authoritative and other women didn’t want to watch other woman on t.v. because they were jealous”. Stated Savitch.

Jessica Savitch at her Dream Job

“ Savitch, became the model for an enormous number of female newscasters. Talent scouts and agents I talked to said in the years after she came to the network, they were flooded with Jessica Savitch clones, and that cool authority she projected, that look of being attractive and at the same time being very in charge, that package that she put together was what young women modeled themselves after.”

Odette’s Resturant New Hope PA. The canal where Savitch died.
Fischbein died immediately as the Driver
Martin Fischbein

Mort Crim, who co-anchored a local Philadelphia TV newscast with Savitch in her pre-network days stated, “She attracted tragedy like a magnet.”

Battle Tested

I drew a line on what is personal. How I dealt with it, what led up to it, what happened, is mine to know, mine to work through, and mine to explain only to when it impacts on my work. I made the decision a long time ago and I have stuck with it.”

Ed Bradley
Bryant Gumbel 2016-Andy Cohen Knew of Jessica’s Drug Problem

The Comeback Cut Short

“Knowing her love of the business and her love of performing,” says Crim, “it’s hard to imagine that she would have stepped aside willingly.”

Savitch as Host of The View?

“Jessie’s grief was really deep. I can’t say that it was any deeper then the rest of ours, but, she was never the same either. She seemed to be so much more intense after his death” .

Stephanie Savitch

“Jess could be very hyper, she could be rather emotional, usually related to something in the newsroom. She was a perfectionists. Very demanding. Very hard on people sometimes but mostly hard on herself.”

Mort Crim Co-Anchor Philadelphia Station.

Mort Crim

Ode to “Chez Odette’s”

On the Move
Under Water
Chez Odette’s Empty for 10 years
Odette Myrtil
Jessica and her beloved Dog “Chewy”
Dedication to Jessica at Ithaca College



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