The Sopranos

Tony looks up but what does he see?

The following is a synopsis and dialog of the much anticipated alternate ending that never made it to television. Enjoy!

SCENE: Inside-Holsten’s Diner-Bloomfield NJ

Oh Shit! Tony realizes what is really happening.


Four Agents move in Tony’s path out from an alley way. Agents come out from Holsten’s Diner where they were staking his movements inside. Others come from cars parked several feet away with guns drawn and in full combat uniforms.


No Tone, ya got it all wrong! Paulie tries to explain.

Johnny Sack

No Ending Is Easy

Of course in typical “David Chase Fashion” there were other endings to consider and some were shot and scrapped before deciding on with the one he chose. One he liked a lot was the scenario where Carmella had become an informant for the FBI and then loved it so much became an FBI Agent. All under the nose of her husband Tony Soprano. Unfortunately, the rules for becoming an Agent prohibits from anyone knowingly marrying a person you are investigating. Even though Tony and Carmella were already married didn’t change the fact that Chase chose to scrap this version as it was unrealistic. To play this version out further, Carmella would have revealed herself at the Holten’s diner as an Agent and therefore shocking the world that she had been an Agent during most of the series. In flashbacks they would have showed how Carmella was convinced to flip then how she become an agent without anyone in her family knowing. There would be a couple of close calls where the tension would build when a family member would almost discover her truth. For instance, Carmella’s sister-in-law Janice finding an FBI jacket in a box she thought she was donating to charity and began to snoop. Carmella shuts-it-down by threatening Janice that she would make sure to cut her off financially from Tony if she continued to snoop into her business.

Janice had a larger role in the ending of one of David Chase’s scenarios. Unfortunately for the actress Aida Turturro, he did not choose this one.



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