The Great Olestra Experiment

Fat Free Chips fried in Olean rather than standard frying oil with 1/2 the calories but all the side effects.
New Coke was not all the rage-just caused rage among loyalists to Original Coke

The Original Sin

The bible talks about “original sin” regarding Adam and Eve and temptation for more (in Adam and eve’s case the forbidden fruit). Temptation to not only beat Pepsi but to embarrass them was never more evident than in 1985 when the executives at Coca Cola decided to change the coveted recipe of their lovable cola to something like Pepsi but with the Coke flare. Despite performing an extensive taste test with hundreds of customers, who overwhelmingly indicated that they loved the new recipe, “New” Coke was a colossal failure! Talk about dying on the runway!

New Coke never got off the runway!


The collateral damage of New Coke was palpable. The executives at Coca Cola went quickly into damage control. But first we go to the press conference introducing the new and improved taste of a 100 year old recipe.

Press Conference for New Coke


Coca Cola Executives appealed to the public and reverted back to the original recipe
Re-branded as Coke II



In 2006, Japan consumed more stevia than any other country, with stevia accounting for 40% of the sweetener market.

In the mid-1980s, stevia became popular in U.S. natural foods and health food industries, as a noncaloric natural sweetener for teas and weight-loss blends. The makers of the synthetic sweetener NutraSweet (at the time Monsanto) asked the FDA to require testing of the herb. As of 2006, China was the world’s largest exporter of stevioside products. In 2007, the Coca-Cola Company announced plans to obtain approval for its Stevia-derived sweetener, Rebiana, for use as a food additive within the United States by 2009, as well as plans to market Rebiana-sweetened products in 12 countries that allow stevia’s use as a food additive.


Fat is Good!



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