The Collapse of Elvis Presley

A broken Elvis

“Elvis”? Parker hesitantly called with an audible whisper.

“What ya doin? I nodded off”. Elvis responded.

“Where’s the make-up people? Where is everybody? You shoulda been out there on stage? That crowd is paying our way Elvis!”

“Get in here right now and a bowl of ice water. He’s gonna need make-up again too. Get (Larry) Geller in here for his hair. Looks like shit!”

Why wasn’t anyone in here watching Elvis! Parker barked to Geller

“He (Elvis) sent everyone out of the room. He said he didn’t want to do this anymore. I assume you knew? We didn’t know what to do” Geller responded nervously.

“There, There. You ok Elvis? Geller whispered.”

“He’s fine. Better be! Parker barked

“Go out there and start playing the lead-in”. Parker grumbled to Elvis’s guitarists.

“That’s enough, that’s enough!” Parker to the hair and make-up team

“Look at me”! Parker barked

“You know someday. I might just disappear. Then what would you do? What would you all do?” Elvis asked.

“Your shoelace is untied”. Parker pointed out to Elvis

“Oh I know.” Elvis replied. “It’s been that way for a long time.”

Elvis’s Last Concert June, 1977.

Elvis died less then two months later.



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