The 4th Brother Gibb

Andy Gibb dies five days after his 30th Birthday

“I had a lot more fun going to a nightclub and walking out with two girls than I did putting the pads on and going and grinding it out.” Manziel

Manziel was more interested having two girls on his arm then holding a football.
Whitney’s body had finally given up


“Three weeks before he died, Andy was healthy and ready to record again. He just went down hill so quickly? He was in a terrible state of depression. He had gotten over the drugs but the depression remained.” Robin Gibb

The last known Photo of Andy

Andy suffered from breathlessness and abdominal pain and chest pains in the final months of his life. All signs of a heart condition that he may have been suffering from for many years before. Standing with his brothers in their studio he appeared to nod off while leaning against a counter stacked with Billboard Magazines. Before he could hit the floor his brother Maurice grabbed his left arm partly in anger and the other part preventing him from face-planting. Andy awoke as if he had been sleeping for hours almost wondering why his brothers were in the room? This infuriated older brother Barry as he crossed over in front of Maurice and Robin grabbing both of Andy’s shoulder with a little shake;

Andy! stand-up! Are you listening to me?” Barry stated in his loud Australian accent.

Barry and Andy always felt like twins despite the large age difference
Andy in ‘Joseph’
Andy and Pam Dawber backstage 1981 Los Angels-Pirates of Penzance

Los Angeles Times curmudgeon Dan Sullivan, who had reservations about Dawber and Gibb, declared that the L.A. rendition;

blows you out of the water.”

That finally put at ease the apprehensive mind of Dawber, as she settled in for a three-month run in L.A. “It’s going to be a pleasure,” beams Dawber. “I love to sing more than anything — more than acting, even. And the magic of having an orchestra blaring out — it’s a real experience.”

Andy and Barry Bostwick after a ‘Pirates’ production
Barry talks about Andy and his regrets

Sister Sister

Lesley Gibb Evans

Lucky Stars

“I’m such a lucky guy”

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.



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