Please Deposit .10 Cents

The last pay phones are removed from NYC on May 23, 2022
The Automat served everything from pot pie to lemon meringue pie.
The Last Payphone in my area


Like everything else, what goes out of style comes back in style. Take vinyl records for instance. In the 1970’s vinyl records peaked at their production heights and accounted for 66% of all music formats. This was before any downloading capabilities. Then the CD world took over offering a “cleaner” sound and smaller more compact unit easy to store larger quantities especially for DJ’s. Revenues fell from $2.5 Billion to just $10 million killing the production of the scratchable disc to non-existence.

They’re Back!


ART Imitates LIFE

There is a need for collectors to buy and display pay-phones in their home but not to make actual calls. Ebay is rife with sellers of these novelty booth’s to place in a basement or hallway of your home or office. I am sure that owners lysol the handset daily because everyone immediately grabs the receiver to pretend they are making a call. Especially kids. This is a practice that was never done even on those rotary dial phones (push-button came later).

Phone Booths at home


With the phase-out of pay-phones came the extinction of calling the operator or having the operator cut-into your conversation to have you add more change. Anyone in their 20’s have no idea what I am talking about. For those of you old like me remember;


No internet and therefore no “google” so you needed the operator to find a telephone number for you. I can’t think of anyone (even my age) who uses the operator for anything other than a true emergency if “911” is not possible. Forget about the actual yellow pages. For some reason, I still get a compact version of the phone book still thrown on my front lawn each year. Usually goes right into the garbage. So as the last of the pay phones have left New York City those of us who remember using them will always have that memory and are probably happy it is just that, a memory.

Oh the 1980’s. Probably trying to make an emergency breakthrough to her friend!



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