Marilyn Monroe at 95 Years Old

Monroe’s first interview since 1985

“I got this from Sinatra” she proudly displayed her mink scarf.

“Vegas I think”. She looks to the ceiling for an image memory.

“Oh shit. I can’t smoke in here right?” Looking to the camera man for confirmation.

“Darling can you fix the back of my hair? Directing to her personal assistant.

“Better than winning an Oscar”, Monroe boasts about her College Degree

“I lost this once. (pointing to her pearl necklace). “I was at Lawford’s place in the pool when it fell off. All the men at the party jumped in to get it for me. Needless to say I didn’t go home alone that night. (Laughs)

“I was box office poison and too old at 36” Monroe describes her time after being fired.

“Somethings Got to Give”

“Listen. I was still young and naïve at the age of 36. I really thought I was going to marry at least one of the Kennedy boys? They played me! So I made a deal with them.

Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe’s Psychoanalyst

“Hildi was great. (Greenson). I always felt bad about the affair because of her.”

“This Blond Hair has Black roots”

#1 Best Seller NY Times 18 Weeks

“The Book was both a blessing and a curse. Like my whole life. I should have waited until now to write it. A lot of people were still alive then. A lot of the Kennedy’s were still alive. John-John especially.”

I secured the rest of my life with writing this book. I didn’t have to take on projects I didn’t want after that.

Publicity Photo for The Golden Girls 1987

“Too many wolves. Even today. Don’t let the ‘Me Too’ movement fool you and let down your guard. They just find different ways to get to you.”


“If I sued every time someone writes a book about the Kennedy’s I would never leave the court room”.

The Kennedy’s fought against Monroe’s book. Not Jackie.

“One was enough. I did the whole talk show circuit. You can consider yourself lucky to be interviewing me. Last one was Phil Donohue in 1985”

“I miss Frank, Jack, Robert, Peter and even at times Dr. Greenson. There were pockets of great times and a lot of heartache. But I loved them all even though their intentions may not have been true.”



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