Leaders Must Have Answers

Yankees Manager Bucky Dent at a loss for words which eventually got him fired during the 1990 season.
Deadly stare to match the “dead air” press conferences of Bill Belichick
Yankees owner George Steinbrenner always felt that he acted in the best interest of the Yankees fans despite his reputation for having a “quick trigger finger” when firing managers.

“On TV he always had his arms tightly crossed. He never seemed sure of himself. I guess George could have handled all of it if the team was winning, but the team stunk and Bucky looked bad as they stunk. And George began to think that maybe Bucky didn’t know what was happening.”

Faking Confidence until Reality Catches up!

Nope. This doesn’t hurt!

Speak from Experience

Q & A

All ‘Dent’s’ are not Created Equal

Bucky the Hero in 1978 — Fenway Park Boston



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