Darkness Over Dealey Plaza

Present day owner of the house at 1026 N. Beckley Ave, Oak Cliff, where Lee Harvey Oswald was renting a room at the time of the assassination. This was his bed.
Original black and white photographic negative taken by Dallas Times Herald and United Press International photographer Darryl Heikes. This image shows Dallas Police Sergeant Roy Shipley guarding the site at 404 E. Tenth Street where Officer J.D. Tippit was shot and killed in Oak Cliff, about 45 minutes after the assassination of President Kennedy. The dark spot on the street near Shipley’s foot is stained with Tippit’s blood.

“Ten Days Max”, the informants told Ruby he would spend in Jail

Ruby was promised the World

The Informants

Ruby at his club with his favorite dancers.

Lee was offered Russian citizenship along with a lifetime security clearance to the Kremlin along with Political level riches including a mansion and first class trips to Cuba for himself and his family.

Best Laid Plans

Horror Movie

Oswald arrested at the Texas Movie Theater

The Charge Card

“Did you kill the president?” a reporter asked Oswald.


Oswald begins to crack and tries to turn the tables on his co-conspirators.

“These people have given me a hearing without legal representation or anything.” Oswald stated to reporters.

“Did you kill the President?”

“No I didn’t shoot anyone!” Oswald barked back.

One Shot does the job.

Mission Accomplished

Death Be Not Proud

“I am in charge”

Call it!

Announcing Oswald’s Death


Kennedy and Tippit

The Band Splits-up



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