Are You Still Convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the Lone Assassin of JFK?

Steven C. Owens
11 min readNov 14, 2017

1963is such a long time ago that we sometimes forget how significant the assassination of John F. Kennedy was to the world then? Unfortunately we have been scarred and are now numb from tragic events such as “9/11” and a series of domestic and international terrorist attacks. Not to mention a Pandemic and brutal 2016 Presidential election marred by voting mishandling. With no disrespect to the Kennedy Family, the killing of John appears now to pale in comparison to all the tragic events since. Especially having lost many of the Kennedy family members since 1963; Bobby, Jackie, Ted, John Jr. and Rose to mention a few. This leaves a huge gap between generations who were personally effected.

To give you an example, I am 50+ years old and was not born when Kennedy was killed by “suposed” lone gunmen, Lee Harvey Oswald? The 1970’s and into the 1980’s begin a huge push on the “conspiracy” train with documentaries and books written on the subject and I was right there reading


and consuming all of it. Can you believe that the Movie “JFK” (by Oliver Stone) premiered in 1991 and that is now over 26 years ago? This was the first major motion picture to hammer the conspiracy theories into strong fact. Stone was the first one to have the guts to speak up on such a large platform as American Cinema. The point being there has been more than a half a century to consume, digest and conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald is what Oswald plainly told a Dallas reporter after being arrested; “I didn’t shoot anybody, no Sir. I’m just a Patsy”!


“a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially being cheated or blamed for something”

With all the books, documentaries and articles written on this subject, the theory that rings true for me is that I believe that Oswald was double-crossed by the CIA. In-other-words, Oswald believed he was part of a large operation to take down the President with several moving parts. Perhaps even having knowledge that an assassination would take place but that he was just a small cog in a larger wheel. Furthermore, Oswald’s involvement was important enough because of his ties to Russia and Cuba but that he did not believe that he would have the Presidents blood stains specifically on him. The CIA made him comfortable enough in his role as contributor to their cause only to blind-side him by heaping the enormous blame squarely on his shoulders.

Three men acting as Agents for the Government; Oswald, Ruby and yes J.D. Tippit (murdered Police Officer). Two with a grudge in Oswald (Anti-America) and Tippit (Right Wing John Birch Society) and Ruby who owed the Mob to clean-up any loose ends. In the end, all three thinking that they were framing the other once they figured out they were duped. The CIA knew they could easily bestow the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin to have killed Kennedy . Oswald was chosen because he was the weakest link and easy to frame as well as very easy to dispose of. Who was going to question our Government about the assassination? Certainly not Oswald’s Russian bride Marina? Plus, the American Press was in bed with the White House in those days and the public believed the Presidency was holy.

Oswald’s yearning to be important or to have a voice and be noticed made him easy prey for the CIA. His discomfort in his own skin and restlessness with being an American painted a wonderfully awful picture of Oswald to the young and naive country we lived in at the time. If you think about 1963, America could only handle the blame of the assassination on one person and certainly would not be able to fathom that our Government could ever be involved in killing one of their own? Furthermore, our Government could conduct the cover-up in plain site with the power to manipulate the average American without any initial backlash. “Initial” meaning decades far beyond the life of those involved. No one was worried about 50 years from then.

Diane Keaton as Kay and Al Pacino as Michael Corleone

A great line in “the Godfather” is when the character Kay, played by Diane Keaton says to the character Michael, played by Al Pacino,

“Do you know how naive you sound, Senators and Presidents don’t have men killed”. “Whose being naive Kay?” replies Michael.

America was naive like Kay and it would take over a half a century for everyone to catch up to what has been going on in our Government and all Government’s throughout the world. The biggest difference is that other countries are more bold and murder directly out the open for all to see. We take a blind eye as public citizens because deep down inside our souls we know there is dirty work to be done but we try and pretend that it doesn’t actually occur.

There is strong evidence 50 years later that Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other before Ruby killed Lee. Furthermore, J. D. Tippit was also known to be around Ruby and Oswald in Florida before November 22, 1963. They were even known to have been friendly enough to have been seen having breakfast together on occasion. Three very different people with different backgrounds were all part of the same fraternity.

Jack Ruby, J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald may have believed they were working on the same side along with the CIA before Tippit was silenced by either Oswald or CIA agents then Jack Ruby eventually silencing Lee. Now, it is unclear wether Ruby was double-crossing Oswald and Tippit into believing they were on the same side or perhaps Ruby was double-crossed as well with thinking that they were a threesome only to be tricked and then forced to clean-up the mess by killing Oswald? The bottom line is the

Beverly Oliver

three of them were probably not acting independent of each other with no relationship with one another. A dancer in Ruby’s club (Beverly Oliver-See Left) places both Ruby and Oswald together at Ruby’s bar prior to the assassination. Even Ruby introducing Lee to Beverly as his “friend”. Again, in plain site with no fear of blowing a covert operation?

“Jack Ruby, J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald may have all believed they were working on the same side along with the CIA before Tippit was silenced either by Oswald or CIA agents.”

Mexico City was a trip that Oswald took that has gained traction in the “Conspiracy Calendar”. Recently declassified information indicates that Oswald was there for six days visiting both the Russian and Cuban Embassy’s even boasting about wanting to kill the President. Could this have been the beginning of the double-cross where the CIA had Oswald go to Mexico, make these bold statements to try and make him a prime suspect for the murder of Kennedy and pin the “deranged President hater” label on him? If so, it worked and the American Public bought it for several decades.

It seems very strange that the CIA and FBI knew about Oswald’s trip to Mexico even placing him under heavy surveillance but never acted on stopping or questioning Lee before entering back into the United States? Especially knowing that he was making public threats to our nation’s President? Also interesting timing was Oswald’s employment with the Texas Book Depository which began in October of 1963, after his return from Mexico? This was just weeks before Kennedy’s motorcade would be making it’s way past his new employer? Additionally, the route was not known to the public until a few days before the assassination, yet Oswald became a new employee in a building strategically in line with the Kennedy’s planned route a month prior?

“Tippit for Tat”

Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit was murdered shortly after the assassination of Kennedy. Again, presumably by Oswald although a few witnesses placed two men at the scene of Tippit’s murder none being the “actual” Lee Harvey Oswald perhaps even an imposter. Here is where the double-cross comes into play; Tippit is one of the assassins who kills Kennedy and was at the Book Depository only later to be silenced by either Oswald himself or by other CIA agent(s) (one to look like Oswald) where they would frame Oswald as both a cop killer and the President’s murderer.

Killing Tippit solved three problems; one being that Tippit was part of the hit team against Kennedy and leaving no loose ends and two, the Oswald look-alike/CIA Agent killing a Dallas Police Officer in Tippit would cause an enraged Dallas Police Department to seek Oswald and bring him in as the lone assassin. Plus, Tippit’s failure to silence Oswald after the assassination and allowing Lee to be captured would be immediate punishment by death.

Reports of Tippit being frantic around the time after the murder of Kennedy and before his own demise also falls into the theory that Lee Oswald was supposed to have been disposed of shortly after the killing of Kennedy and not later by Ruby. However, instead, slipped off track because Oswald could have smelled a rat and realized that he was double crossed and was trying to allude his immediate demise. At least he wanted to try and stay alive long enough to tell his story to anyone that will listen. He probably realized that being arrested was his only chance to blow the CIA’s cover if they didn’t get him while he was in custody. Oswald’s consistent denial of the murders and proclamation of being a “Patsy” brings to light Oswald’s realization of how he had been used and double-crossed by the CIA.

“Theater of the Absurd”

Being at the Movie Theater was a place where the “squad” told Oswald to meet them after the killing of Kennedy was completed. Oswald did not go directly to the Theater as he was instructed to do instead he walked to the boarding house where he was staying then the theater causing a delay in his arrival. This slight deviation from the plan by Oswald may have thrown the original plan off of Tippit killing Oswald immediately after Kennedy’s murder. Thus, explaining Tippit’s “frantic” nature by witnesses where he stopped to use a pay phone at a Record Store, not being able to reach his intended party, and speeding off in a hurry but not using his police lights? Also, the boarding house owner where Oswald was staying stated that a Dallas Police Car came by and honked his horn around the 1 pm hour, before driving off when Oswald did not come outside as most likely originally planned. Therefore, the killing of Tippit when it occurred was a plan devised to correct the screw-up by Tippit not killing Oswald when he was supposed to. Subsequently, the “Squad” knew that by setting up Oswald as the killer of a Dallas Police Officer would anger the police department enough to send them directly to their intended subject. Having a revolver on Oswald only completed the secondary set-up to show that he had the means to kill Tippit. Even though years later evidence proved that the bullets used to kill Tippit would not match the bullets in Oswald’s revolver. Especially because eye witnesses (never being called to testify for the Warren Commission) stated that the gun used to kill Tippit was an automatic weapon and not a revolver?

Jack Ruby

Club owner and Mob associate Jack Ruby’s part in the double cross was an order by the mafia to silence Oswald after the failure of Tippit to kill Oswald as originally planned. Ruby watched Tippit’s failing to silence Oswald and in turn, Tippit being murdered himself, unfold right before his eyes. He knew his marching orders to eliminate loose ends in Oswald needed to be completed or he would meet the same fate. By completing the task by a mob order to kill Oswald, Ruby knew he would have to go to jail and accept the guilt as one who acted alone. However, Ruby thought he might get sympathy by a Judge and Jury as a martyr for killing the beloved President and serve only a few years in jail as sympathy. However, Ruby was sentenced to die in the electric chair which was later overturned and a second trial was granted. Ruby died in 1967 of lung cancer while in jail awaiting the second trial. By his own admission, Ruby believed he would die before his next trial and he did.

JFK and J.D. Tippit

“You Look Familiar ?”

In life, Tippit and Kennedy looked remarkably alike? (see above). In death, the Tippit autopsy photos were used to cover the fact that Kennedy’s head had a large gaping hole (see below).

Where is the gaping hole on the right side?

Looking at the photo to the left, the person that is supposed to be Kennedy lacks the right side fatal injury shown in the Zapruder Film frame 322? Looks hauntingly like J.D. Tippit.

Zapruder Film Fatal Shot with gaping hole.

The fatal head wound left the President with the side of his head exposed. If the autopsy photo above is real then some heavy patch work was applied? Why for an autopsy photo would the Medical Examiner cover the hole rather than reveal it?

“This is a fine mess you have gotten us into!”

You can thank Joe Kennedy Sr. for putting his sons (John and Robert) and entire family in harm’s way to begin with. After all, it was his greed and power grabbing nature that pushed him to make deals with the Mafia to make sure his son John became president. Only to double cross the Mafia by allowing Robert to go after the Mob once John was in office? You see it wasn’t enough for Joe Sr. to just win; he had to humiliate the hand that fed them to victory. Rarely do you survive such a victory dance in the end zone of this magnitude. The Kennedy family has lost most of their leaders to tragedy and further Kennedy generations will continue to pay a deadly price for Joe Kennedy’s thirst for power! Was it worth it?



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