Stripping down your management technique to bare emotions where kindness and compassion are your tools to successful leadership.

Not afraid to bare your human side to lead!

Who would have thought that “fear” and “intimidation” doesn’t actually motivate people to do their job long term? It certainly keeps them working inside the heavily marked lines with a bold psychological marker. However, it also creates fear of making a mistake which is a horrible way to do any job. How long do you think productivity can survive under the bright lamp of a dictatorship? Are you fostering any relationships as human beings and creating a culture of forgiveness? Is that important to you? It should be.

Fear is Good

Live long enough in Corporate America and you will experience a variety…

My last conversation with my Father

There are no good parts to the Covid 19 illness which has taken the lives of too many. My Father at 83 was among them. I saw first hand what this disease did to a non-smoking relatively healthy human being of a man in his 80’s. However, this is not a story about this insidious-merciless disease. What Covid 19 did for me was that it forced me to have a last conversation with a man that was very complicated for whom otherwise I would still may not have been speaking with.

Maybe I knew…

Andy Gibb dies five days after his 30th Birthday

Andy had all the charm, good-looks and talent of his three brother’s; Barry, Maurice and Robin. The added bonus was that he had branched out into acting and began developing his own brand apart from the enormous shadow of his family icons. Imagine being the youngest brother of three of the top construction contractors in the world. Now, you decide that you do not want to join your brothers but you want to build…

The rediscovery of the tomb of Jesus Christ in 326 keeps non-believers mystified even today.

The rediscovery in 326 allowed the preservation of Christ’s tomb today

The New Testament and Christian tradition tell us that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified by the Romans in the year 30 or 33, some 20 centuries ago. According to the Gospel of Luke, his body was put in a tomb that was guarded by a Roman soldier. Jesus was then resurrected and ascended to heaven. What has intrigued the Christians ever since is the question of exactly where Christ’s tomb is located.

We know that he was crucified and entombed in Jerusalem, and it has…

How the fatty oil substitute “exploded” on the snack scene then disappeared!

Fat Free Chips fried in Olean rather than standard frying oil with 1/2 the calories but all the side effects.

Olestra treated products became a $400 Million dollar business in 1998 as Time magazines . Like the “New” Coke debacle of 1985 a product that saw so much promise fizzled horribly as quickly as it rocketed to fame. Luckily both and were able to survive the consumer hurricane pivoting away from the “Madmen” campaign mistake for different reasons. “New Coke had consumer backlash as they were partial to the old recipe for the cola favorite. …

The last moments of John Lennon’s Life

Lennon signs the record album for his own killer

Fourteen years prior to John Lennon’s tragic death he lived in great fear of being shot. His first wife Cynthia plainly noted this in her book about her ex-husband called “”. Ironically this did not stop Lennon from mingling with fans and strangers while living in New York City. Even befriending common folks so he could feel “normal”, did not frighten him. One of John’s last photographs in which he signed his final album “” for his killer, , was taken by amateur photographer Paul Goresh. Goresh hung around the…

From the most wanted Director in Hollywood to a quiet Retirement with Wine of course and a few thoughts on film making.

By Steven C. Owens

A Leisure Life came sooner than expected for Coppola but this director is just fine.

One could say that Life imitates Art and Francis Ford Coppola “” for the past twenty years? Similar to the characters in when Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) shot and killed a police Captain and a rival mob boss, . From there Michael went into hiding and so did the Corleone family in the semi-fictitious move “”.

” was a phrase used for when Mob Families had to hide in one room apartments, mattresses on the floor, to avoid a long bloody mob war usually after they…

The 1982 Tylenol Scandal that altered our buying confidence.

Before sealed bottles

There was a time when you could walk into any supermarket or drug store and purchase a bottle of Tylenol and pop off the top and take a couple of pills. No sealed barriers or foil to puncture. This was a time of naivety and bold trust in humankind when you could never conceive of the notion that a person would poison a capsule with the purpose to kill random souls just for the thrill of it? This actually happened in the United States in 1982!

Tylenol was a giant in the industry of pain relief. Johnson & Johnson, was…

How a shocking Home Run changed the course for Donnie Moore’s life.

Donnie Moore’s depression likely contributed to is tragic death.

Sports fans who want you to believe that the results of professional games are intertwined with the realities of life really need to get a life! The burden of giving up an important home run in a playoff or world series game shouldn’t ruin anyone’s life? Yet for some it does. Even kills them. Perhaps not directly or instantaneously but slowly and methodically. Like a slow torture until it eats you up inside and you feel like there is no other choice but to kill the pain. Sometimes…

Freddie Prinze flashes that epic Smile masking his deep depression

His head slumped to the side after an earnest plea to put down a hand gun that Freddie held tightly to his left temple moments before. Instantly his Agent, Marvin “Dusty” Snyder, knew something had gone wrong. Prinze’s rich dark black hair swooped over his once engaging brown eyes now half closed in a coma like state. The muffled sound of a disengaged gun Snyder attempted to try and wrangle away from Prinze while…

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